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Peter Czarnecki composer & music production


Arranging voices and scores, tempo, transpose, recording rehearsals, demos.


Multitrack recordings on DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), tracks merging and synchro with musical digital libraries.


Mixing, mastering and adjustements (compression, levels, reverbs, etc.) for internet or CD release.

  1. RecordCSI_2007_A-1
  2. RecordCSI_2007_B-1
Orchestra giovanile conservat Grieg. Holberg Suite, Gavotte
Orchestra giovanile CSI Grieg. Holberg Suite, Prelude
Orchestra giovanile CSI Mendelssohn, Adagio
Orchestra giovanile CSI Mendelssohn, Allegro


  1. CSI_2007_1-1
  2. CSI_2007_2
Orchestra giovanile CSI Mozart KV546, Fuga
Orchestra giovanile CSI Semini, Nero
Orchestra giovanile CSI Semini, Giallo




  1. CD_Clairiere_1
  2. CD_Clairiere_2
Coro Clarirère John Rutter, Kyrie
Coro Clarirère John Rutter, Gloria
Coro Clarirère John Rutter, Finale
Coro Clarirère Britten, Venite a laudare
Coro Clarirère Britten, Altissimo Onnipotent


  1. RecordArcadia1-1
  2. RecordArcadia2-1
Orchestra Arcadia Brahms, Danza Ungherese Nr 1
Orchestra Arcadia Smetana, La Moldava
Orchestra Arcadia Brahms, Schicksalslied
Orchestra Arcadia Mendelssohn, Symph Nr 1, Alle
Orchestra Arcadia Mendelssohn, Symph Nr 1, Alle
Orchestra Arcadia Borodin, Danze polovesi 2
Orchestra Arcadia Borodin, Danze polovesi 3
Orchestra Arcadia Musorgskij, Una notte sul Mon

  1. CD_Gao_1
  2. CD_Gao_2
Chinagipsy Danza del popolo di Yao
Chinagipsy Jasmine
Chinagipsy Siccità
Chinagipsy Venditore di giornale
Chinagipsy Corsa dei cavalli

  1. Arcadia_RSI_1
  2. Arcadia_RSI_2
Orchestra Arcadia Elgar op 20 Allegro
Orchestra Arcadia Elgar op 20 Larghetto
Orchestra Arcadia Elgar op 20 Allegretto
Orchestra Arcadia Weber op 79, Larghetto
Orchestra Arcadia Weber op 79, Allegro
Orchestra Arcadia Weber op 79, Presto assai